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Mission Statement

I am in the business of producing competent, engaging photos of people and products.

For everything from business cards to billboards, actor’s headshots to executive portraits, and editorial to advertising – Jim Dawson/FOTOWORK provides consistent visual content.

Anybody can take a picture. A shot which flatters without exaggerating, that engages the viewer in exactly the desired manner – this takes experience & creativity.

Actor's Headshots / Executive Portraits / Music CD's / Model Portfolios

HEADSHOTS are your calling card, whether you are in sales or entertainment.

Like it or not your product is how you look - as well as what you do. A good photo can help you attract clients or get that audition – the rest is up to you.

JIM DAWSON is a Toronto photographer specializing in promotional portraits, including executive portraits, actor’s headshots & promotional photography for musicians, as well as advertising & creative work..

His publicity photos of business people, including real estate agents & executives of all stripes, appear regularly in Toronto magazines & newspapers.

Jim has photographed thousands of performers, from novices to child actors, to stage stars and Canadian luminaries. Musicians he has photographed include several Juno award winners.

His creative work has been exhibited variously, including at Harbourfront Gallery and The Art Gallery of Ontario.

First Thoughts

I JUST NEED…” are often the first three words Jim hears from a client. The servicing of that “need” nonetheless involves work and skill.  And, not surprisingly, many clients will use even the most hastily produced shots for 5 years or more.

Therefore it makes sense for you to do the best job possible right from the get-go, in order to create a small “bank” of photos which you can use to promote yourself for the next 2-3 years. We will shoot at least 2 “looks”, even for a business shot, so that you have a variety of shots to choose from, and to serve different purposes.

Preparing For The Session

Your Session usually  will last 1-2 hours – or 45 minutes more if you have ordered make-up and hair. In that time we shoot usually well upwards of a hundred shots: during which we experiment with different views.

Make-up & Hair is recommended, and we can hire a competent artist for you. Think of it this way: your photos are going to be around for a few years, and make-up represents a small investment over that time period. .

If you choose to do your own make-up, the following tips may help: WOMEN: Enough foundation and powder to achieve a smooth, natural look.. Easy on the blush. Fine around the eyes. Bring a choice of lip color, and a lip brush or pencil for that ‘clean’ look. MEN: Unless you have problem skin, or plan to be fussy about your hair, save yourself the expense of hiring a make-up artist by applying a minimum of the concealer & powder, which can be provided at studio.

Wardrobe.  BUSINESS: Please bring at least 2 looks. You could go with 2 suits, or you could go with a business and a casual look. Darker colours – including black – are beautiful. Whites and pastels can be fussier, and are sometimes better worn underneath a something, like a t-shirt, blouse or camisole under a jacket. Combinations often work well.

Accessories. Earrings and necklaces tasteful & minimal, unless they contribute to the desired look.

Viewing & Ordering Your Shots

A WEB GALLERY of All Your Shots is usually posted to a secure website shortly following your shoot. These are LOW-RES JPEGS  that you can use to choose your FINALS.

To Order your Hi-Res Finals, you simply email your choices to the studio.

At the top of your Web Gallery you will see a 4-digit number: use this number to order your Finals. To be extra safe, download your favourite images to your desktop, and attach them to an email to: info@ fotowork.ca

You can also email your choices to graphic designers, agents, colleagues, & friends, who may be helping you choose photos for specific projects. Please be aware that small jpegs from your Browser are not suitable for printing or any other professional purposes.


Digital Files may be purchased for a nominal fee for print or web use.

Normally your session will include several finished files.

A digital file quite simply is a high-resolution “TIFF” or “JPEG” version of the final image that we create for you. All files are furnished as RGB Adobe 98 tiffs or srgb jpegs, and come fully color-corrected, retouched, and ready for print or the web. All camera files are “worked”: levels, curves, contrast and density are adjusted, files are converted for black & white usages, each file is sharpened or perhaps softened, and minor flaws are retouched without your even asking. For business clients, each picture comes to you as 4 files, or as a “QUADPACK”. Quadpacks package each individual image in 4 formats: Black & White, Colour, Tiff (for quality offset printing), and Jpeg (for web usage). Every business portrait session includes one or more Quadpacks.

Getting To The Studio


QEW/GARDINER EXPRESSWAY: Eastbound to the end where you come down a ramp onto Lakeshore Blvd. E.. At the 2nd lights (Leslie St.), turn north to #20. Entrance to free parking is at the west end of the building, off of Mosely Ave..

DON VALLEY PARKWAY south to Lakeshore Blvd.. (Exit from left side of roadway). East 2 lights to Leslie St., north to #20.


73 BUS FROM DONLANDS STATION (BLOOR-DANFORTH LINE) comes south on Donlands to Queen St., where it jogs over to Leslie St., then turns south 1 stop past Eastern Ave. (Mosely Street.).

QUEEN STREETCAR EASTBOUND to Leslie St.. Walk or bus south 2 blocks to Mosely Street.

Dealing With Printers

Most business clients will provide their photos to a variety of printers – including newspapers, magazines, business cards & brochures, small signage & billboard.

It  is our responsibility to make sure that the interface between photo shoot and projected usage (print or web) is seamless.

All files are provided as RGB Adobe 98 Tiffs or srgb Jpegs, and come fully color-corrected, retouched, and ready for quality printing and web usages. Conventional printers will likely prefer to use the tiffs on your Finals CD, and may do a colour-conversion to “CMYK”. Digital printers may prefer to deal with your jpegs: always ask what they would prefer.

Caution: Jpegs are generally easy to email, provided the receiver can accept reasonably large files. Tiffs, which are much larger files, will cause a problem unless they are compressed, or transferred by a special program such as You Send It, or an FTP program

Freebies / Discounts


Book with a colleague or fellow performer, have some fun while receiving your choice of either a session discount , free prints, or additional files.


Group rates are available, by quotation.

Usage Rights & Photo Credits

Jim Dawson / FOTOWORK grants you FULL RIGHTS to use any “FINAL” hi-res images for most promotional purposes, such as business cards, brochures, websites, trade magazines & small signage.  However , the production of photos for Billboard, or Television & Print Advertisements, which will be charged for differently than a consumer “portrait” session.

PHOTO CREDIT (Magazines, Newspapers, Blogs). Please ask for a photo credit where possible:

“Jim Dawson / FOTOWORK” or “Fotowork”

Full Buyout


Although we ask you to use licensed FINAL images for your professional purposes, for a modest fee you may purchase all your hi-resolution camera files for archival or personal purposes.

Perhaps you are a budding photographer,  or you may want to make your own prints at a Black’s or Costco.

Commercial clients, especially those with in-house art departments,  may also purchase a Full Buyout, thereby obtaining Full Rights to All Files.

Bear in mind that we shoot in “Raw” format, which requires proprietary software to download and process. Therefore your files have to be processed and saved as jpegs or tiffs (your call).



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